Zadar is one of the most popular Croatian tourist destinations, proclaimed by the London Times to be ‘the entertainment centre of the Adriatic’ and ‘the new Croatian capital of cool’ by the Guardian. It is a city with an exceptional 3000 year-old history and a rich cultural heritage, located in the heart of the Adriatic. Zadar is the urban centre of northern Dalmatia, serving as administrative, economic, cultural and political centre of the region.

The city of is easily accessible by land, sea and air. It has excellent transport infrastructure, directly connected to other big Croatian cities: Zagreb, Rijeka, Dubrovnik and especially Split, from which it’s easiest to book our transfer service and you’ll be enjoying Zadar in no time.zadar

It will win your heart with its special atmosphere and rich life – whether it’s day or night. In summer, Zadar is a host to many cultural events – such as the Music Evenings in the Church of St. Donat, Zadar Summer Theatre Festival, Street Art Festival named KalelargART. Tourist attractions are also numerous if you’re looking for night life or music events with many clubs and world music attractions coming to Zadar every year.

The history of the city makes it irresistible for anyone who respects historical monuments and cultural heritage, the city’s artists and citizens. It’s a city in which a lot of space is reserved for pedestrians; a simple walk along the stone streets of the city will become a walk through history since Zadar is a treasure drove of archaeology. Surrounded by walls, the city still has many artefacts and buildings from the medieval, Renaissance and even Roman periods – and several contemporary architectural achievements, such as the first sea organs in the world. Over seventy cultural monuments are located in the historical core of the city, and over six hundred can be found in the nearby area.

Transfer from Split airport to Zadar takes approximately 1h 30min and cost approx 980 Kuna

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The coast of Zadar is full of small bays, islets and islands and many beautiful gravel, sand and stone natural beaches. The variety and diversity of the coastline will accommodate every taste, whether you want a crowded beach packed with tourist attractions or an intimate, unpopulated piece of paradise, which will provide an escape from the urban lifestyle. Various cruising tours of the Zadar archipelago give everyone a chance to explore the idyllic islands and wonders of nature. There are numerous options for an active holiday such as trekking, diving, rafting, free climbing, bungee jumping and the Zadar Adventure Park Kožino.

The cuisine of the Zadar region is based on fish dishes, shellfish and molluscs and boiled vegetables. Everything is spiced with olive oil, a well-known delicacy of the area. Other common spices are rosemary, bay leaves, capers. Many Zadar restaurants use the vegetable grown on the nearby islands. Another know specialities are the lamb dishes, the sheep cheese from the island of Pag, the type of ham called ‘pršut’ made using a special method of meat-drying and the local wine.

Forty years ago Alfred Hitchcock proclaimed the Zadar sunset „the most beautiful in the world“. Thousands of tourists who enjoy the view every year agree with his opinion. Come and see it for yourself.


Route: Split airport to Zadar Distance: 128 km Duration: 1 h 35 min

Route: Split airport to Zadar Distance: 128 km Duration: 1 h 35 min